Designed with you in mind

See those shoes you’re in? We’ve walked many miles in them. As a former Farmers agent, Amevian’s founder understands the specific goals you’re trying to achieve, the gaps in Farmers’ existing tools, and the stresses you’re feeling. He also knows the solution to those stresses: Amevian. This isn’t just another system — it’s the right system: one that has been uniquely designed to help agents like you be more efficient, effective, and happy.

  • Specifically for Farmers agents
    Specifically for Farmers agents

    Built by a fellow Farmers agent to provide exactly what you need

  • Focused on sales and marketing
    Focused on sales and marketing

    Streamlines your existing workflows while adding new tools for even better results

  • Created to give you freedom
    Created to give you freedom

    Helps you grow so you have more time for the people and things you love most

3 steps to success

  • Step 1
    Secret Shopper Assessment

    Get an initial evaluation of your agency’s strengths and weaknesses, along with a few smart suggestions for quick wins. 

  • Step 2
    Prospect Suite

    Implement strategies and automated tools that demonstrate your professionalism, nurture prospects from capture to close, and boost your income. 

  • Step 3
    Client Suite

    Build on your initial success with additional automation that wows clients, increases retention, and makes cross-selling simple. 

Products that boost productivity and profits

Prospect Suite

Prospect Suite

Prospect Suite is for agents who are primarily focused on prospecting. It includes tools and strategies that simplify the lead capture process, lead assignments, proposals, appointment scheduling, follow-up, and more. By automating your most common business development tasks, you’ll be freed up from tedious work and have peace of mind that every prospect is being taken care of.

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Client Suite

Client Suite

Client Suite is for agents who want to close more prospects, increase client retention, and cross-sell with ease. First, it helps you simplify prospecting and wow clients with a flawless, personalized onboarding process. Then, Client Suite streamlines the account management process to save your team hours each week and provide an amazing client experience. With this suite, you’ll be the agent every client wants and every other agent aspires to be.

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