Why Amevian

Turning one agent’s struggles into your solution

Amevian’s founder, Tim Wheeler, spent over a decade building, running, and selling a successful Farmers agency. Like most new agents, the first couple years were frantic as he struggled to wear many hats and hold his agency together.

Eventually, Tim discovered the solution to his problems: marketing automation that allowed him to focus on relationship building and service. Now, he has designed a unique system that aligns with Farmers agents’ business model, KPIs, AGM, and ACIR to help them experience the same success and freedom.

Tim’s story

After starting his agency in 2006, Tim Wheeler quickly found himself working 60-80 hours each week, without much to show for it. Five years (and a few gray hairs) later, someone said to him, “Before a prospect comes through your door, you must know exactly what paths they’re going to take.” This advice hit him in the gut and began a quest to reinvent his business.

Over the next few years, Tim created, tested, and refined those paths in an automated system that freed him up to spend more time with his prospects and clients. With a more efficient, effective system, he doubled his business, maintained a 4 UQI, received PGB every time, and most importantly, was able to tuck his daughters into bed every night.

This experience inspired Tim to start Amevian (named after his daughters, Amelia and Vivian) so he could help other agents become a hero for their clients: the best agent they’ve ever had.